Hamako Tencel Knot Beanie Shibori - Latte (All Size)
Hamako Tencel Knot Beanie Shibori - Latte (All Size)
Hamako Tencel Knot Beanie Shibori - Latte (All Size)
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Hamako Tencel Knot Beanie Shibori - Latte (All Size)

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Tencel Knot Beanie Shibori Latte - Hamako 


Fabric: 100% Tencel™ Intimate (Micromodal) from Lenzing Austria

Give a perfect second-skin sensation

Our adorable tencel knot beanie, specially designed for newborns up to 3 months old. Crafted from high-quality tencel fabric, this beanie offers ultimate softness and comfort for your little one's delicate head. The beanie features a classic knot design, adding a touch of charm to your baby's outfit

Hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive skin
Heavenly soft & Easy to care for.
This product is biodegradable.

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'Heavenly softness is guaranteed'

Do you have babies/ kids with sensitive skin or they are hot sleepers?
They need breathable and cooling material for our humid and hot climate, and must be moisture absorbent too.

Tencel material is one of the best material to give these for your babies/kids.

What kids say about Hamako Tencel clothes?
"These are so soft and cooling, mommy!" Edeline, 7
"I want to wear this one everyday!" David, 5
"This is my favorite PJ mommy" Baron, 2.5

Apparels from Hamako are made from Tencel Micromodal (the most premium grade of Tencel available in the market). International brands like Gucci, Victoria's Secret and Giorgio Armani are amongst many brands that use the same Tencel we are using in their range too. Fabrics don't get more luxurious than this.



What is Tencel Micromodal ?

Like Bamboo, Tencel is also made from a renewable resource. Tencel is made from plant material, specifically Beech Wood and Eucalyptus trees. 

Tencel has anti-microbial properties and can resist dust mites and fungal growth.


Silky Soft + Strong + Safe on Sensitive or Easily Irritated Skin

Thanks to its natural structure, Tencel is super soft and smooth on the skin. The end product has a smoother surface that is not only comfortable but also safe to those with sensitive or easily irritated skin.

Tencel is also strong and durable which makes it easy to maintain.


Improved Breathability + Moisture-Wicking Properties

Tencel is an extremely breathable and absorbent fabric. It is ideal for warm sleepers as the Tencel fabric can wick excess moisture away quickly, keeping the body cool during sleep in a variety of climates.

Good moisture management also limits bacteria growth without the need for any chemical additives. Tencel is also hypoallergenic and biodegradable.


Less Wrinkling + Fading

Tencel is generally less prone to wrinkling and less vulnerable to fading with regular washing. It is also less likely to shrink and not prone thinning out over time.

Tencel is capable of keeping 85% of its dry tenacity under wet conditions, allowing the fibers to retain their shape. This makes Hamako Tencel Intimate Apparels and Accessories quick to dry and fairly easy to iron and care for.